The PLC Alternative Programmable Automation Controller

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The Power Under the Hood

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Automation Simplified

The WL-MIO was designed to handle any industrial automation application, large or small. The software libraries available for C, Python, Node-RED, Modbus TCP Gateway and others make the WL-MIO system the perfect solution where low cost, high density and flexibilty are important.


The WL-MIO Multipurpose I/O controller can be used in many applications that require a basic 4-20 mA controller, an automation controller, an edge controller or a low cost Raspberry Pi industrial controller. Typical applications would include:

Modbus TCP Gateway

The WL-MIO Multipurpose I/O Process Controller offers a Modbus TCP Gateway library. This allows the WL-MIO to be used in IEC 61131 applications such as CODESYS installations and OpenPLC projects.

Modbus TCP Gateway Installation Codesys Installation OpenPLC Installation

New Product Release - Power over Ethernet PoE Module

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The WL-MIO PoE System is a versatile solution for various applications that require edge computing, monitoring, and control. By utilizing a WL-MIO backplane with a Raspberry Pi, you can easily measure sensors, transmitters, and provide analog outputs, relay contact outputs for control, and remote displays, while only needing to power it with a single ethernet cable.

VPE-6160 Specifications

Who We Are

Widgetlords Electronics and our mother company VP Process Inc. have been designing and manufacturing products for the automation industry since 2008. Our expertise and knowledge are committed to bring "Open" solutions to the industrial and commercial automation world.

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