Getting Started

The WL-MIO series of modules were designed to allow the user a simple way to create automation applications using the Raspberry Pi. Applications can have a mix of analog inputs, analog outputs, digital inputs and relay outputs. By using the libwlmio library, all modules have simple "read" and "write" functions which are documented in the provided demo source code for the modules.

Application Note   Title   Description
WLMIO-AN-10000   WL-MIO Introduction   Getting Started With The WL-MIO Multipurpose I/O Controller
WLMIO-AN-10001   WL-MIO Quick Start Guide   Quick Start Guide for the The WL-MIO Multipurpose I/O Controller


Application Note   Title   Description
WL-MIO-AN-20000   WL-MIO Introduction   WL-MIO Hardware Introduction


Application Note   Title   Description
WL-MIO-AN-30000   WL-MIO Introduction   WL-MIO Software Introduction
WL-MIO-AN-30100   WL-MIO Node-RED   WL-MIO Node-RED Software Introduction
WL-MIO-AN-30200   WL-MIO Modbus TCP Gateway   WL-MIO Modbus TCP Installation and Register Map
WL-MIO-AN-30210   WL-MIO Modbus RTU RS485   WL-MIO Modbus RTU RS485 Application Using MinimalModbus
WL-MIO-AN-30300   WL-MIO CODESYS Application   WL-MIO CODESYS Application Tutorial
WL-MIO-AN-30400   WL-MIO OpenPLC Application   WL-MIO OpenPLC Application Tutorial
WL-MIO-AN-36010   Power Supply   Power Supply Python Demo Software
WL-MIO-AN-36030   Relay Module   Relay 4 Channel Python Demo Software
WL-MIO-AN-36040   Analog Input SDAFE Module   Analog Input 4 Channel SDAFE Python Demo Software
WL-MIO-AN-36060   Digital Input Module   Digital Input 4 Channel Module Discrete, Frequency, Pulse Counter Python Demo Software
WL-MIO-AN-36080   Analog Input Thermistor Module   Analog Input 8 Channel Thermistor Module Python Demo Software
WL-MIO-AN-36050   Analog Output 0-20 mA Module   Analog Output 4 Channel Module 0-20 mA Python Demo Software
WL-MIO-AN-36070   Analog Output 0-10 VDC Module   Analog Output 4 Channel Module 0-10 VDC Python Demo Software